See what our clients are saying.

“William Cruz is a professional and thorough inspector. He takes his time and checks to the smallest items that might become a major issue in the long run. He was very communicated with us and explained the process to of what he was doing every stepped the way. I was in a jam where I needed an inspection due like yesterday and with the busy schedule he had somewhere he made time to pencil me in and get my inspection done before a due date. I can’t express the gratitude I have for him and the job he did for me. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family members.” – Joe Bacallao

“I just wanted to thank you for your thoroughness and prompt response to inspect my home. The report was great and so appreciated. As an inspector myself, ICC Commercial and Residential Building Inspector, ICC Reinforced Concrete, ICC Structural Masonry, ICC Post-tension Concrete, OES Inspector Certified for Federal Disasters, OSHPOD A Inspector (hospitals), ACIA Construction and Civil Inspector, I am quite knowledgeable and can vouch for the professionalism that I received from you. Being in California, necessitated having someone local do the inspection. I’m glad I picked you! I’ll be reaching out in the future without a doubt.” – Cathie Crouch

“I just wanted to say Thank you again! Your thorough evaluation and attention to detail in the first house I had you inspect saved me Thousands of Dollars$$, that house could have easily become my money pit. I’m so glad I found a better house. I also greatly appreciate the discount given for my second inspection on the next house I chose. I feel so much more confident in my selection after you were able to show me all the nooks and crannies. I know my house is worth the money I spent this time. Even got to haggle the price just a little to balance some of the small things that weren’t in perfect working order! I will recommend you to anyone house hunting. My realtor says she really thought you did a good job as well, so hopefully she too will be sending your company some referrals.” – Elizabeth Walsh

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